Help! I’m getting an error while trying to update my plugin; what should I do?

Has the URL of your WordPress site changed after you activated your plugin license key (for example, because you moved the site from a development URL to its live URL)? If you didn’t deactivate the license key before making the move, and reactivate it after, updates will likely no longer work. To fix this, log in to My Account, click View Licenses next to the applicable purchase, click Manage Sites next to the license key in question, and deactivate your old site URL. Then deactivate and reactivate the license key in the plugin’s WordPress admin page to authorize the new URL. Alternatively, or if that doesn’t work, please contact support.

If that’s not it, your license key may have expired. Check the product page for the product in question to see how long license keys for that product are valid.

If it’s something else, or you’re not sure whether your license key is still valid, please contact support.

If your plugins are open-source and licensed under the GPL, why do you charge extra for multiple installations?

Great question! Our plugins’ code and accompanying files are licensed under the GPL (various versions), which gives you the freedom to use and redistribute the code as you wish in accordance with that license. However, activation of the plugin’s license key may be limited to one or more sites at a time, and accessing certain services that are included with your plugin purchase (downloading updates via the updater included in the plugin, and product support) may require an activated license key. This allows our pricing to reflect the added value you are receiving by installing the plugin on multiple sites, compared to someone who only installs the plugin on a single site.

It’s not very difficult to install our plugins on multiple sites with a single-site license key, or even with no license key at all (at least with a bit of know-how). And that’s entirely legal as long as you abide by the terms of the plugin’s license and our Terms of Service. You can even manually download updates for your plugins if you have an account on our website or your emailed download links still work, or by copying updated versions from an activated site to a non-activated one. We won’t try to stop you (again, provided you abide by applicable licenses, terms, and laws). However, we’d ask that you respect our request to purchase the license key that covers the number of sites you wish to use the product on, even if this is not legally necessary. We appreciate your support!