The Refund Report plugin allows you to analyze which of your WooCommerce store’s products are being returned most often by providing summary data on line-item refund quantities and amounts over a specified time period. The report can be viewed in the admin or downloaded in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format.

Important note: In order for this plugin to work, you must issue refunds on a line-item basis. Simply changing the order status to Refunded will not cause the items in the order to appear as refunded in this report. If the entire order was returned, please refund the individual line items as well as changing the order status.


  • Use a date range preset, or specify custom start and end dates.
  • Report on all products in your store, or limit the report to only include products within certain categories or only specific product IDs.
  • Customize the report sorting order (sort by Product ID, Quantity Refunded, or Amount Refunded).

For more advanced product refund and sales reporting, check out Product Sales Report Pro!

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