Plugins for WooCommerce

Product Sales Report
Generates a report on individual WooCommerce products sold during a specified time period.

Export Order Items
Export order items (products ordered) in CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format, with product, line item, order, and customer data.

Refund Report
Generates a report on product line-item refunds in WooCommerce for a specified time period.

Donations for WooCommerce
Easily accept donations of varying amounts through your WooCommerce store.

Stock Export and Import
Export and import stock statuses and quantities for WooCommerce products in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format.

Price Match
Easily process product price match requests from your customers.

Sales Trends
View sales trend indicators for individual items in the WooCommerce Products list.

Connector for WooCommerce and Zoho CRM
Automatically add WooCommerce customers as contacts and/or leads in Zoho CRM.

Password Strength for WooCommerce
Disables password strength enforcement in WooCommerce.

Product Giveaway Codes
Batch generates unique coupon codes for product giveaways in WooCommerce.

Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads

VAT Number
Facilitates the collection and validation of EU VAT numbers on the Easy Digital Downloads checkout page.

Plugins for bbPress

Image Upload for BBPress
Upload inline images to BBPress forum topics and replies.

WordPress Utility Plugins

Custom CSS and Javascript
Easily add custom CSS and Javascript code to your WordPress site, with draft previewing, revisions, and minification!

WP Squish
Reduce the amount of storage space consumed by your WordPress installation through the application of user-definable JPEG compression levels and image resolution limits to uploaded images.

Automatically Update Permalinks
Automatically updates the permalink (slug) of a post or page when its title is changed.

Replace Image
Upload a new version of an image without deleting the old image attachment, so that references to the image remain intact.