Custom CSS and Javascript Developer Edition


CSS Live Preview

Fire up the Live View functionality in the Custom CSS editor to watch your CSS changes take effect in near real time in a second browser window (on supported web browsers). Works on any page in your site, not just the homepage!


Sassy CSS (SCSS) Support

Use features of the SASS CSS extension language, such as variables, nesting, and more! Your SCSS code is automatically compiled to regular CSS when you save your changes, and on-the-fly when using CSS Live View.


Code Editor

The included code editor features syntax highlighting for CSS and Javascript, line numbering, and automatic indentation. Plus, your changes are saved via AJAX without reloading the editor, so you don’t lose your spot in the code!


Multi-file Interface

Stay organized by splitting your code into multiple virtual files, accessed via tabs above the editor. Create separate files for different parts of your page layout, for different screen sizes when using media queries, or any other way that makes it easier to navigate through your code. All without sacrificing frontend performance thanks to the single file compile process!



Whenever you save your custom CSS or Javascript file, a timestamped revision is created, allowing you to easily revert your changes in the future if you need to. And since those revisions have a habit of piling up when you’re tweaking things, there’s a button to conveniently clean them up with one click.


Built for Performance

Not only does Custom CSS and Javascript help you work more productively, it also facilitates great performance once your custom code is published. All of your CSS or Javascript code is combined into a single CSS or Javascript file, optionally minified to reduce file size, and served directly from the filesystem so that no additional database query is required to retrieve your custom code when it is loaded.


Import & Export

If you want to save a copy of your CSS or Javascript code to your computer, just click the Download button to get the latest revision as a file. Or click Download All to get all of your CSS or Javascript files at the same time in a single zip file. Combined with the integrated upload functionality, which also allows for single-file or zipped multi-file uploads, this is a great way to save and reuse general-purpose code.

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More Features

  • Save and preview your CSS and Javascript as a draft that is only applied to logged-in users with the necessary permissions until you are ready to publish your changes to the public.
  • The editor page in the WordPress admin does not contain the developer logo and review/donation links.

System Requirements

  • SCSS support requires PHP 5.4 or higher

Licensing Information

  • The plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
  • The license key may be activated on unlimited websites (including client websites) by unlimited users in one organization.
  • License keys are valid for one (1) year from date of purchase, and will optionally automatically renew until cancelled. Updates are free while the license key is valid. If the license key expires, you may continue to use the plugin if it is currently activated, but you will no longer receive updates or support, and the plugin cannot be activated on additional sites or re-activated on existing sites if it is deactivated.

Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our plugin, you may request a full refund anytime within 14 days of purchase. First, deactivate your license and uninstall the plugin (you must deactivate your license prior to uninstalling since this does not occur automatically when the plugin is removed). Then contact support with your license key and the email address used to purchase the plugin. Once we have confirmed your license details and that it has been deactivated, we will issue you a refund via your original payment method.

$30.00 – $99.00
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